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Purchase OneNav!

Thanks for choosing OneNav for your global navigation. You will be surprised at its effectiveness at creating a unified SharePoint experience for your users. Canviz offers top-tier installation services with our Premier packages and Small Business Edition so you can leave the installation and configuration to us. Additionally, we provide support through out the installation, and guarantee a response to your issues within 24 hours.

Select the license plan best suited for your business in the list below. Licensing is determined by the number of employees in your business.
If you need assistance determining the best license plan, see the table below.

Click the Buy Now button to go to PayPal for payment options. After payment, download the app and install it on your SharePoint tenancy.

Select your OneNav license

Small Business Edition (10 Seats) - $349.00
Medium Business Edition (11 - 2,500 Seats) - $449.00
Enterprise Edition (> 2,500 Seats) - $999.00
Medium Business Premier Edition (11 - 2500 Seats) - $649.00
Enterprise Premier Edition (> 2,500 Seats) - $1,199.00

License Options

Small Business Edition $349.00 10 Seats Yes
Medium Business Edition $449.00 11 - 2500 Seats No
Enterprise Edition $999.00 > 2500 Seats No
Medium Business Premier Edition $649.00 11 - 2500 Seats Yes
Enterprise Premier Edition $1,199.00 > 2500 Seats Yes

Installation includes the following:

  • Importing reference term set
  • Running OneNav configuration wizard to generate master pages, CSS and JavaScript
  • Uploading and Publishing Master Pages, CSS and Javascript to site collections (maximum of 5 site collections)
  • Testing the out of the box Master Pages with OneNav included and validating the OneNav top nav and breadcrumb controls work
  • Training to demonstrate how to modify Terms in the Term set including:
    • Making new Terms
    • Setting Sort Order
    • Setting hierarchy
    • Creating headers
    • Creating links that open in new windows
    • Setting root breadcrumb text
    • Setting root breadcrumb URL